John Sherlock

John has been a builder since 1972. After doing his apprenticeship, he went out on his own from 1984. Gary and John have been partners since 1987.
John knows quality work when he sees it. He’s been a strong supporter of quality building work in Southland and is the past president of the Southland Registered Master Builders Association. John enjoys being a builder as no two days are the same, and the job keeps you fit and active. He made lots of friends through building and enjoys meeting lots of different people on the job.
He finds it rewarding to see a job to completion. He likes seeing what you can do with houses once you renovate them. John’s philosophy is that quality work is your biggest advertisement in the building industry, so that’s what he works by.
outside of work he’s a keen sports person. He enjoys following the rugby and is a keen golfer. He’s also a keen fisherman and enjoys getting out on the boat on lake Te Anau.

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